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Waterproofing & damp
problems are our speciality

This is how easy the waterproofing application is
With Steel Chemicals Stone Water-Guard

Wetting wall with hose pipe to show how it absorbs water

Spraying the coating onto the wall with a garden sprayer

The lower wall is now completely waterproof after treatment

Steel Chemicals Stone Water Guard is approved by the BBA for the protection and repair of concrete structures and surfaces and protection for concrete from water impregnation.

We can cure your water and damp problems with the following benefits:

Guaranteed for Ten Years – If applied by an    approved installer

Very economical in use – Low cost to buy in the    pack sizes you want. High coverage rates.

Aesthetically acceptable – Completely disappears    once the coating has dried and cured.

Vapour Permeable – Leaves the structure    breathing.

Unobtrusive – Leaves the original colour and    texture of the stone

No wastage – impossible to over apply.

Easy to purchase – Buy by credit card over the    telephone. Next-day delivery by post.

Easy to Apply – Can be applied by Paintbrush,    Roller or low pressure Garden sprayer.

Ecologically Friendly – 95% biodegradable    and easy to use around garden plants.