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Above - Rainwater penetrating your rendered walls and exposed gable ends, Frost damage to Brickwork Stones and pointing, Acid rain erosion, Pollution staining and erosion, Salt efflorescence on your brickwork, Rainwater staining, Moss and Algae discolouration and Graffiti.

Water Penetration, Wet or Damp patches, Cold walls, Condensation, Black mould on the walls, Mould on your skirtings, Damage to your Wallpaper and Woodwork and Poor insulation.

We offer a large range of specialist waterproofing and damp proofing coatings to prevent water from entering your home or property through the walls and exposed gable ends.

Most of our older properties today are constructed with solid stone walls with a rubble infill or from double brick non-cavity walls. As there is no cavity barrier, this allows rainwater to travel through the capillaries of the stone and mortar into the building.

Above - A typical solid limestone wall

Above - A painted double brick non cavity wall

Externally – As the rainwater penetrates the surface, the freeze-thaw cycle begins and the expanding ice in the surface starts frost damage. With each cycle the damage becomes increasingly worse leaving shards of brick and render at the base of most walls. Once the warmer weather arrives, the water retained in the damaged wall becomes the perfect growing medium for organic moulds and algae which cause unsightly black and green staining on the exposed vertical surfaces. This organic matter now has warmth from the sun and a vital water source to grow and multiply.

Additionally, this water draining back out of the wall can bring unsightly white salt efflorescence staining to brick walls, even when they are new.

Internally – The passage of rainwater through your solid wall is much more damaging. As the walls become waterlogged in heavy and persistent rain, these internal walls start to show the more serious effects of water ingress. The walls are always cold from October to March and they will exhibit immediate signs of condensation and probably the black mould growth which is associated with condensation. This black mould can be extremely damaging to people with respiratory disorders. From a visual point of view this situation is very unpleasant. Heating these rooms becomes more expensive as the walls are permanently cold. Persistent water ingress will cause damage to decorations and cause timbers to rot from the ground upwards.

Stone Waterproof Coating Products - We offer a large selection of external surface coatings, designed to stop rainwater penetrating the outer surface of the wall. These work by reducing the capillary size in the stone, brick, render and pointing to a size small enough to prevent the large water molecules from passing through the structure. These treatments do not block the capillaries completely though, allowing the smaller air molecules to pass through and enabling the walls to breathe, reducing water vapour in the house and the resulting condensation and black mould.

This creates a one-way valve in the wall which prevents water ingress whilst allowing the wall to dry through the passage of water vapour outwards.

By drying the wall we increase its insulation capacity, reduce energy costs to heat the room and prevent damage to internal decorations and woodwork.

The external coating will also prevent any further frost damage, acid rain erosion, pollution staining and damage and any further organic growth and staining. Without retained water, organic matter cannot grow.

We offer an extensive range of water protection coatings for every stone, brick and concrete surface and for every type of water penetration problem.

This can range from porous stone, brick, slate, granite, limestone, cement renders and lime renders, roof tiles, street paving and patio paving.

Stone Cleaning Products - We also offer an extensive range cleaning products to remove to remove unsightly or nuisance staining or dirt before the application of the surface protection products. These are to remove paving dirt and grease, pollution staining in city environments, salt efflorescence on brickwork, organic growth and graffiti.

Graffiti Coating and Removal Products - We have several anti-graffiti protection coating as well as graffiti removal products from all types of stone and paving. The coatings prevent graffiti penetration and the graffiti removers allow the graffiti to be lifted more effectively.

Above - The effects of acid rain erosion on
soft stone

Above - Acid rain erosion on limestone in the Forest of Dean