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Problems with paving,
patios, decking & organic growth?

And what about Grease and dirt marks on your patio
and Decking and Chewing gum on your paving?

Above - Moss on slates

Above - Algae on brick wall

Waterproofing paving and patio slabs the easy way

Waterproofing paving and patio slabs

Organic Growth on Stone

These are excellent examples of organic growth on stone surfaces. The first photograph shows prolific moss growth on old slates on a North facing pitched roof. The second shows algae growing on a West facing brick wall. Both of these situations are in almost permanent shade and a damp environment.

Both examples need water in the stone surface to promote growth. Using our carefully selected anti-moss and algae spray, Steel Chemicals Stone and Wood Cleaner can remove this organic matter in minutes with minimum effort. This gentle cleaning procedure removes the growth without excessive scrubbing or scraping, preventing unnecessary damage to the stone surface. This is particularly important where the structure is older and more fragile.

Once the surface is dry, it is easy to spray Stone Water-Guard onto the surface, which will be waterproof in twenty four hours and prevent any further unsightly and corrosive growth.

Chewing Gum Preventative Coatings - Chewing gum on paving is now a major problem in most high footfall areas in towns and cities. Most of our protective coatings are designed to prevent chewing gum from keying into the paving surface. This reduces the gum adhesion and makes it much more easily removable.

Above - Chewing gum on pavement

Above - Chewing gum & grease on pavement

Wooden Decking and Cladding Waterproofing Products - Wooden decking is usually supplied with some form of preservative but this is not a waterproof coating. These preservatives do slow the rotting process but they do not prevent water from being absorbed into the surface. This water source aids the growth of organic matter on the decking surface and these algae and moulds, in turn, produce a slippery surface. It is the organic matter that is slippery and not the wood surface.

Our wood protection coating coloured wood water-guard will prevent large rainwater molecules from penetrating the decking surface whilst allowing the smaller air molecules to pass through. This creates a breathing wooden surface which is now waterproof and will not support slippery organic growth. Additionally, this coating will prevent mould and algae growth on timber cladding. This is the growth that silvers timber cladding in the first year but then produces unsightly black mould in the second year.

Our timber cleaning product Steel Chemicals Stone and Wood Cleaner will eradicate black mould from wood and leave a spore-free timber which is then ready for treatment with our waterproof coating. We have these coatings available in a variety of colours to revive the wood and refresh its appearance.